Dancey, sweaty, pulsating, atmospheric, frenetic, driving. These are all words I could use to describe W I L D F I R E by Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, and all of them would fall short. This isn’t one of those albums you listen to for singles and skip the rest. There are definitely some catchy sing-a-longs (“We Were Wild” and “Oh Black Gold” for instance), but for every soaring chorus, there is a well-balanced and introspective song keeping the contextual weight of the band intact. Fans of Imogen Heap will instantly be drawn to the lyrical poignancy of “Old Monster,” fans of Luscious Jackson will be drawn to “With My Good Eye,” and fans of good music will be drawn to this entire collection. That’s the trick of this band. At first listen, they sound almost familiar, especially to fans of Emily Haines, but instead of just saying “Eh good enough” and going merrily along, this band takes these influences and filters them throughout their own raucous and fuzzed out tendencies and make something uniquely their own.

The production of this album is quite stellar, also. It can be just dirty enough to dance to (“We Were Wild” and “Single-Hearted”) or dense enough to keep them from skipping ahead (“Irene the Avalanche”). But don’t mistake well-produced for Rick Rubin-slick. These songs have enough grit and noise buried in the mix to turn even the most die-hard Ecstatic Peace fans ear, given the proper chance. The end of “Kairos” is TTMTTS at their most driving, chaotic, and fun. The bridge is so subdued the listener could almost be lulled to sleep, and then, the band smacks the listener up the head like it was their job.

One thing was for sure as soon as I heard this album, my long-time night-driving disc of Freak*on*ica by GVSB had been replaced; at least temporarily (sorry boys). You can catch the band at The Radio Room in Greenville This Saturday May 28th along with Concrete Animals and Death of Paris. The show is at 10PM and is FREE. There is no reason to miss it.

We Were Wild


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