While it seems that we tend to gravitate towards more well-seasoned acts here on the site most of the time, it’s important for us to remember that every artist started somewhere. Not to say that Igniting The Sky are inexperienced, but rather to remind all of us old-timers that if we rest on our laurels too much there is always someone younger and hungrier than us willing to take the reigns. So without any further ado I give you our interview with Igniting The Sky. You can view their Facebook page here and on Twitter here.

First of all I would like to compliment you on your use of keyboards in your band. I see a lot of hardcore bands that use them, but often they don’t really implement them well. Who are your influences in that regard and what was the creative process like on that decision?

Nick: Thank you. The use of keyboards and electronics are becoming increasingly common in our genre. However, too many bands use them as a gimmick and more often than not to add a “techno” feel to the song. I try to set myself apart by writing key parts that compliment and flow with the rest of the instruments rather than providing the basis for the music itself. That always keeps me from venturing into cheesy territory, which is something I want to completely avoid along with the overly “techno” or 8-bit feel. As far as influences go, I would have to say In Fear and Faith. The way that they incorporate classical-sounding piano and strings into their sound is simply beautiful, and they pull it off seamlessly.

I know you’re in the beginning stages of recording your new EP entitled “And Yet Love is Near”, what can you tell us about that and the album title?

Stephen: As a band , we are particular about our lyrics. We write with honesty and often convey just how messed up we are as people. We all try to lead good lives, but the fact is we feel like monsters sometimes. The EP title suggests that while we are broken on the inside, God still chooses to Love us. You could phrase it as “There is no good in me, and yet Love is near”

What are your plans for the EP? Will you be self-releasing it or looking to shop it around some?

Cody: I believe the plan is to self-release the EP, keep writing new material and shop the EP around in hopes of being able to put out a full length with a label. We’ll keep you guys in the loop for when we release the EP in full.

It seems the majority of your shows are related to a church, is this because of a religious affiliation or because you’re a younger band and are looking for more all-ages type venues?

Cody: To be blunt, I think Christian is a great noun and a terrible adjective. We’re all the noun, even though we all suck at showing it. We try really hard though, and in that we hope people see something different about us. In regards to venues, we’ll play almost anywhere. We’ve played at bars and a video game cavern type venue, and they’re always a positive experience. We do prefer all ages shows though, because a lot of our target audience tends to be underage.

So you have a female guitarist (Kristin Holland), which is still fairly uncommon in hardcore circles, so she has to be pretty tough. With that being said which of the guys in the band could she take in a fight?

Cody: Kristin is by far the best natured person I’ve ever met, and I don’t just say that because she’s my girlfriend. We actually have a running joke about how much she says, “Aw,” to sad/mean things we say. That said, she could totally beat the crap out of Nick, mainly because he’s our joke target.

I also noticed your penchant for long song titles, whats the longest song title you’ve heard that you can think of off the top of your head?

Cody: I’m by no means a fan of Fall Out Boy, but they have a song title along the lines of “I Have a Bad Idea and a Dark Alley That Say You Need to Shut Your Mouth,” or something of the sort. I also think those two posted songs are two longest song titles, though we do try to keep them clever with portmanteaus, Star Wars references, etc.

Who are your favorite other bands to play with locally and who should we check out?

Cody: It seems like we’ve played almost all our shows with Ninjaloot from Columbia and Oh! the Calamity and Learning How to Die from the Upstate. They’re all good dudes, and we’ll let you know when we play with someone else worth checking out. I also used to be in a band way back with Thomas from Clever Words. Solid SC pop-punk that everybody should have fun listening to.

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