To be completely honest, at first listen I didn’t really understand the Family Crest‘s newest EP. But after several listens I was able to see how the band takes all kinds of different genres and incorporates them all into one song. Elements range from Rock, Funk, R&B and more all make it into every respective tune, and at times I would compare the band to The Dave Matthews Band on steroids, (for those looking for a reference point).

The first track “A Runaway” comes straight from the late 90′s playbooks with a super-clean vocals over distorted guitars and a big hook for the chorus, that reminds me of Vertical Horizon in their heyday. “Nothing Has To End” is the most successful Rock/Funk hybrid on the album, with the band displaying a powerful stomp in the beginning before winding down into a slow rumble for the majority of the remainder.

While the majority of the album showcases the band’s tendencies for the Rock side of their influences, “Your Quiet Life” showcases a quieter side of the band. This song brings to the forefront the band’s R&B roots, bringing to mind a more rock-oriented Tony Toni Tone or somewhat similar to Lenny Kravitz. It’s on this track that lead singer Tim Pecoraro’s vocals really shine as they are the focal point of the song. After only four songs the EP closes with “Too Crowded” which is perhaps the loudest song here, and is closer to Faith No More/early RHCP territory.

Fans of mid-90′s alternative rock should really enjoy this EP. While not being my usual style, after digging into the songs themselves I started to understand what they’re going for. I have a feeling that while this recording is more than competent, there is a killer live band lying underneath. You can stream the EP below or download it for $4.

One Response to ALBUM REVIEW: Family Crest – Playspace EP

  1. Ben Sprouse says:

    This shit is super compressed to the point that it fatigues the shit out of your ears. This is why you shouldn’t master shit at home.

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